Release notes version 3

1. Bot Settings Update
  • Bot Settings that can be enabled or disabled by the user via the Bot Builder Page
    1. Bot Border Settings – Users can customize the chat bot header to display or hide the following buttons:
      • Maximize Button
      • Restart Conversation Button
      • Settings Button
      • Overall Feedback Button
    2. Other Settings – Users can customize the chat bot dialog boxes to enable or disable the following features:
      • Conversation Continuity
      • User Preferences
      • Show Timestamp
      • Show Username
      • Show Message History
      • Show Like/Dislike
      • Show Comment
      • Show Powered by KLoBot
  • New chat bot icon and company logo feature that allows the user to customize the chat bot pictures
    1. Bot Icon – Allows the user to upload a 128x128 PNG file as the bot icon in the chat
    2. Company Logo – Allows the user to upload a 128x128 PNG file as the official logo on chat navigation bar
  • Skill Auto Initiate
    1. Allows the user to auto initiate a skill. The utterance to trigger the skill is hidden and allows the skill to auto initiate internally
2. Updated the prompt choices buttons
  • Changed the look and feel of chat bot prompt choices buttons
3. Updated the Schedule meeting skill
  • Users can accurately schedule meetings to the correct person if there are duplicate names by prompting the user a list of names to select from.
1. Bot Builder List Page Colors
  • Bot header colors and bot text header colors are now applied to each bot in the Bot Builder List Page
2. Knowledge Builder Refresh URL
  • Refresh URLs Content button allows the user to apply all changes made from a website’s FAQ site to the knowledge base or KB of the user
3. Conversation Continuity
  • Allows the chat bot to rehash the current conversation in a form of a prompt, when the user leaves the chat bot or is disturbed abruptly.
Skill Builder Details Page
1. Email Controller
  • Added a new controller called Email Controller that allows the user to create a skill that sends an email to an email address assigned in the skill builder
  • Users can assign multiple email addresses in the email field
  • Users can assign the email subject
  • Users can customize the email body field that gets sent to the default email address
  • Users can map the data collected from the prompts to the email body
  • Users can connect to a different subskill to continue the skill process after the email is sent
2. Pattern
  • Allows the user to add a pattern to make examples and utterances to be predicted accurately via the Machine Learning infrastructure of KLoBot
3. Skill Connection
  • Allows the user to continue the conversation by connecting to a subskill, once a skill has finished processing and a new entry has been made.
  • Users can connect to a subskill and assign an intent prompt to the API’s response properties
4. Updated SharePoint Deployment
  • Upgraded a more convenient SharePoint deployment to allow the user to deploy to a SharePoint site. User does not have to import JS or CSS files to the Site Assets
5. KLoBot deployment to SharePoint Online
  • Allows the user to deploy a chat bot to a SharePoint Online site
KLoBot V3 User Interface Upgrade
  • Changed the overall look and feel and user experience of the KLoBot application
  • User Account
    1. A dropdown menu that includes the user’s name, a link to the user’s account information, user guide link and to log-out
  • Bot Builder List Page
    1. Added the Grid view and List view that changes the chat bot builder list
    2. Added a maximum amount of chat bots to show
    3. Added a search bar that allows to search the bot name and bot author
    4. Added dates per chat bot showing when it was created and when it was last modified
  • Bot Builder Detail Page
    1. Added dates per skill showing when it was created and when it was last modified
    2. Added a create new skill button
    3. Added an owner section where admin accounts can assign the bot author of the chat bot
  • Bot Builder Detail Page -> Bot Settings
    1. Under bot header & background section, users can now apply colors to the Header button background color and Header Icon color
  • Bot Builder Detail Page -> Chat Bot
    1. Added a restart button that allows the user to restart the whole conversation
    2. Added a comments sections that enables the user to insert a comment to a chat bot message. This comment is also reflected to the Bot Analytics page as part of the conversation report
  • Skill Builder -> List Page
    1. Added the Grid view and List view that changes the skill builder list
    2. Added a maximum amount of skills to show
    3. Added a search bar that allows to search the skill name and skill author
    4. Reset filters are added to reset all the filters assigned in the Filter by section
    5. Publish All allows the user to publish all changes made for all the skills to KLoBot’s Machine Learning infrastructure
    6. Click here to view bots button shows the list of chat bots where the skill is being used. Users can be redirected to the specific chat bot once the chat bot is clicke
  • Skill Builder -> Details Page
    1. Added a Test button that allows the user to trigger the chat bot and test the skill in the skill builder details page
    2. Publish skill allows the user to publish the specific skill to the machine learning infrastructure
  • Machine Learning
    1. Added a new module in KLoBot called Machine Learning that allows users to enhance and improve the chat bot’s ability to learn and predict user utterances
    2. Live testing feature allows users to test utterances’ scores and the intent predicted by the chat bot
    3. Phrases feature allows users to add a list of words to be generalized as a phrase or one common term
    4. Intents feature allows users to see all the intents created within a chat bot and see all the utterances assigned to the intent. Users can delete an intent, and can assign Phrases to an intent in the Intents page
    5. Entities feature allows users to see all the entities created within the application. Users can see which skills or intents these entities are assigned to. Users can delete the entities and assign phrases to them as well.
    6. Patterns feature shows all the patterns created or trained. It shows the user the intent and skill name that uses the pattern. Users can delete the pattern in this page.
  • Bot Analytics -> List Page
    1. Added a dropdown menu that shows the maximum number of chat bots to display
    2. Added a Last Updated feature that shows the date and time when the chat bot analytics was last updated
  • Bot Analytics -> Details Page
    1. Added a separate report page that shows an individual message history for success, failed, liked, disliked messages and comments created.
    2. Added a report history for overall experience
    3. Added the conversation count that contains the number of conversations made within the chat bot
  • System Settings -> Users page
    1. Download User List allows the user to download a spreadsheet containing a list of all the users registered in the KLoBot application
  • System Settings -> Global Settings
    1. Bot welcome message section allows the user to customize the welcome message for all the chat bots created
    2. iManage settings contains all the credentials needed for configuring the iManage connector in the cloud configuration
    3. Update settings contains the publishing profile credentials needed to enable the upgrade UI functionality to work
    4. Upgrade KLoBot allows the user to update the changes that were made to the application via the KLoBot user interface