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Intelligent Products

Generative AI-powered DIY no-code Legal Virtual Assistant Builder platform.
  • KLapper is built on Microsoft Azure Open AI and uses the power of Generative AI to learn your firm’s key business datasets using “intelligent connectors”.
  • KLapper is exclusively designed for Knowledge Management (KM) & Innovations team members to design, train and deploy “no-code” virtual assistant / counsel to Microsoft SharePoint, Zoom, Teams, Web apps, Mobile apps and to over 15+ supported channels (with minimal or no IT support).
* KLapper can be readily installed within your firm’s Microsoft Azure Tenant, which means that your firm’s data (used to train KLapper’s GenAI model) is 100% secure, private, and only accessible to your firm’s users.
Empower Microsoft Teams & SharePoint with NetDocuments content.
netDocShare is an innovative solution designed to empower several legal teams across the globe to conveniently live view, add, edit, attach, search, sync & provision NetDocuments “live” content in:
  • SharePoint Intranet Sites & Pages
  • SharePoint Client Extranet Sites & Pages (integrated with ND CollabSpaces)
  • Microsoft One Drive for Business (Bi-directional & one-way Sync, incl. OneNote sync)
  • Microsoft Teams (View, Edit & Bi-directional & one-way Sync and migration from SharePoint/Teams/OneDrive to ND and sync ND content as doc links to SharePoint/Teams)
  • Web App (e.g., .NET, Java apps etc.)
The key add-ons of netDocShare that promotes collaboration and productivity of your Firm are as follows.
Empower Microsoft Teams & SharePoint with iManage content.
imDocShare provides your organization with the ability to Live View, Edit, Add, Attach, Sync, Search & Provision iManage Work Server 10.2+ / iManage Cloud content in SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive & Web apps. This robust solution will empower users of iManage Work Product Management solutions with easy access to enterprise content within Teams, SharePoint, and Chatbots.
The key add-ons of imDocShare that promotes collaboration and productivity of your Firm are as follows.
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