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KLoBot, Inc Open Their First Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center in Newark, New Jersey

“KLoBot, Inc invests in an AI Innovation Center with a vision of assisting and accelerating enterprise digital transformation by simplifying human-machine interaction”

NEWARK, N.J., June 18, 2019 — Ragav Jagannathan, Founder of KLoBot, Inc announced that their newly launched business venture, KLoBot, Inc would set up its ‘Innovation Center’ headquarters In Newark, New Jersey. 

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KLoBot is a DIY Chatbot builder that can be used to build, configure and deploy ‘no-code’ chatbot within minutes for use across several popular channels like Twilio, Microsoft Teams, Slack, SharePoint, Facebook, Website or Mobile Applications. Since 2012, the industry disrupters and innovators behind KLoBot, Inc have developed pathbreaking AI innovations and serviced over 100 clients across the United States, India, and Australia. 

“This expansion is a result of a shift in the country’s digital landscape and adoption of AI,” Ragav Jagannathan says. “KLoBot has an attractive list of clients from North America’s top AMLaw firms who are excited to serve firm Intelligence on demand to their partners, allow attorneys to automate daily tasks and improve client engagement.”  

KLoBot, Inc’s innovation center aims to scout top tech and business talent across the United States and is expected to create over 100 new jobs in Newark, NJ, over the next five years. These enthusiastic individuals will be committed to facilitating research and innovations to solve customer challenges by enhancing AI-powered software and services that will revolutionize human-machine interaction.  

“We are accelerating the hire of key product managers, designers, developers, and growth hackers who will contribute to the creation of AI-powered innovations to meet the present and future demand of our customers,” says Ragav Jagannathan. 

About KLoBot, Inc:   

KLoBot, Inc, develops artificial intelligence powered conversational user interfaces that can simplify internal and external enterprise communications, automate routine tasks, streamline business processes and provide organizational intelligence-on-demand to its users by using voice and text.  

KLoBot’s mission is to ensure that narrow artificial intelligence can assist humans in getting access to organizational intelligence on-demand and deliver economically valuable work output that benefits all of humanity. KLoBot will build safe and beneficial chatbots, and artificial intelligence powered innovations that allow users to communicate with systems and smart appliances using voice and text, very similar to how they talk to colleagues.   

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Saloni Thakker