Legal UI Chatbot Builder



Over the past few years, the legal industry has seen tremendous technological advancements. Our team at KLoBot, Inc has been trusted by 21+ AMLaw100 firms for our consultancy services. We have dedicated several months of research and software engineering to customize each of our highly successful and innovative solutions for the legal sector. Each of our solutions are designed to empower non-technical users to configure and install. Here’s what we have in store for your firm. 



KLoBot is a no-code text and voice enabled Chatbot builder platform that can help automate each of your routine tasks and streamline business processes. These bots can be used as a personal assistant to set reminders, schedule meetings, check the weather, find colleagues, and much more. Bots built with KLoBot are trained to answer intelligent questions like:

 1. Who is the Responsible Attorney on ACME Railroad Acquisition Matter? 

 2. Show me recent Private Equity matters > $10m 

 3. Find New York Matters within Corporate Securities Practice 

 4. Find documents related to Sovereign Fund Formation matter 

 5. What is John Doe’s contact details? (And similar queries to quickly connect with any attorney are Call John or Email John)

We also help Law Firms create an automated client response system with KLoBotClients can ask the bot about case details, case status, upcoming events, billing history and a lot more. Our recent integration with Twilio has made it possible for law firms to offer every client a 24/7 first line of support using a simple voice call or SMS to a phone number and automatically have chatbot respond to their query.

Chatbots built with KLoBot can be also deployed to Microsoft Teams, Facebook, SharePoint, Slack, any mobile application or website.  



netDocShare is a NetDocuments-SharePoint Webparts Suite that seamlessly allows SharePoint (Online & On-Premises) users to view NetDocuments content including documents, filters, saved searches right within their firm Intranet pages. netDocShare was launched with a vision to enable Law Firm employees across the globe to conveniently eliminate the need to manually copy content from NetDocuments just to view it in SharePoint.

Our first release of netDocShare includes 4 WebParts – Client Matter WebPart, Saved Search WebPartTreeView WebPart and Recent Documents WebParts.  netDocShare can be deployed to Office 365 or SharePoint on-premises (2013, 2016, or 2019 versions). netDocShare WebParts are fully responsive and user friendly and can be easily accessed for a convenient mobile view. Many of North America’s biggest Law Firms have subscribed to netDocShare and seen tremendous growth in productivity. To know more about each of our WebParts, click here.