Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

KLoBot is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) no-code Legal Chatbot Builder platform designed for Knowledge Management and Innovations Team members of Law firm to create chatbots with minimal to no IT support.

Building chatbot with KLoBot is very easy as it requires minimal or no IT support.

KLoBot platform provides several pre-defined Skills that can be used to create chatbots such as the ability to greet your chatbot users, look up the weather by location, virtual assistance, web experience search, Skill builder with connectors and Knowledge builder. 

It’s easy to connect your Bot skills to read or write data from SharePoint or any online libraries. 

Of course, you can connect your Bot skills to read or write data from any line of the Business system microservices (oAuth / oAuth 2.0) 

KLoBot Knowledge Builder can create a conversational, question-and-answer layer. Typically, loaded with semi-structured content such as FAQs and used to create a knowledge base for answering natural-language questions.

It’s easy for KLoBot to process any document, anywhere by its Artificial Intelligence automatically. 

Of course, KLoBot helps you create both text and voice-based conversations easily. 

Chatbots build with KLoBot can display all types of rich media from Images to videos 

No coding is required. Simple to develop with its Visual Skill Builder right away. 

The Visual Skill builder is a drag & drop interface that helps you build & deploy a bot in minutes without coding process. 

Yes, KLoBot provides the support of the Bot Analytics connector. 

To acquire more significant data insights by knowing the messages history by the bot, by channel, and many more. 

Of course, Chatbot build with KLoBot could be easily deployed to other channels such as SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Email, Facebook, Twilio, Slack, Web Chat, Mobile app & Skype for Business.

Since KLoBot provides end-users the ability to Like or Dislike your Bot’s response, you get to predict its performance efficiently.