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Build conversational Legal AI Chatbot and Intelligent Virtual Assistants for your Firm with Machine Learning Capabilities and experience a human-like conversations!


Company Profile

KLoBot, Inc was launched by‚ÄĮMr. Ragav Jagannathan‚ÄĮwho has an undying passion for AI and emerging technologies. He is an industry disrupter and innovator who has successfully developed and delivered pathbreaking AI innovations and serviced over 100 clients, including over 21 of the AMLaw100 firms, across‚ÄĮthe United States,‚ÄĮIndia, and‚ÄĮAustralia. In 2019, KLoBot, Inc was started with the mission to provide organizations with solutions that address changing business needs.

Digital Innovations

The company launched its first solution, ‚ÄúKLoBot‚ÄĚ ‚Äď An Enterprise Chatbot Builder Platform that allows users to build and deploy Chatbots for any use case or channel. These intuitive no-code Chatbots can provide secured access to organizational intelligence on-demand and perform repetitive tasks. The success of KLoBot also led to the launch of its first AI Innovation Center in Newark, New Jersey. The enthusiastic team is committed to facilitating research and innovations to solve customer challenges by enhancing AI-powered software and services that will revolutionize human-machine interaction.‚ÄĮToday, text and voice enabled Chatbots designed with KLoBot can be seamlessly integrated with Twilio, Teams, SharePoint, Facebook, Slack, and any Website or Mobile Application.

In the third quarter of 2019, KLoBot, Inc launched a new solution called ‚ÄúnetDocShare‚ÄĚ that allows users to easily Live View, Edit, Add, Attach, Sync, Search & Provision NetDocuments Cloud content in Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive for Business, & Web apps. This allows NetDocuments customers to eliminate the need to copy content painfully and manually from NetDocuments just to view it in SharePoint or Microsoft Teams without embarking on expensive systems integration or development projects.

In the year 2020, KLoBot Inc launched ‚ÄúimDocShare‚ÄĚ which allows users to view, edit, add, attach, sync, search, and provision iManage Work Server 10.2+ or iManage Cloud content with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, or Web apps.

With organizations embracing the technology-driven environment‚ÄĮand‚ÄĮworking toward‚ÄĮexceeding customer expectations,‚ÄĮthere is an increased demand for solutions that can empower firms to automate routine tasks and streamline‚ÄĮbusiness processes. KLoBot, Inc will continue to evolve with a vision of driving digital transformations across several industries.

Meet the TEAM behind KLoBot.

Hein Htet Pye Soe

Technical Manager

Ryan Chen

Technical Lead

KLoBot Team Member
Martin Benedict Jurado

Senior Developer

Anthony Ciccone


Shubhransh Joshi

Developer – Intern

Sulejma Ravancic

Developer – Intern

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