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What’s new in KLoBot 2.1?

KLoBot Skill Builder

A visual Bot Skill designer tool to easily create Skill with utterances, Intent and action, including pre-built connectors for over 10 apps like SharePoint, NetDocuments and other microservices enabled apps.

Knowledge Builder

A simple wizard type interface to quickly add multiple websites, unstructured documents and structured documents to KLoBot’s brain so that it can parse and create intelligent question and answer pairs for users to interact with using voice or text.


Ability to track by bot by channel by user conversations and related feedback to continually improve bot response.

Data Connectors for Law Firms

Key Data Connectors to SharePoint, NetDocuments, iManage, Elite, Intapp, Nintex allows the chatbot to read/write of line of business data on behalf of the attorney.

Enhanced Security

Two factor and Multi-Factor Authentication enabled across Bot Builder interface and interaction restricted to only secured microservices (https)