Sport Chatbots-A Step Towards Smarter Event Management


Sports Industry- Leveraging Latest Technologies

The Sports industry revolutionized with the advancement of smart and connected stadiums drawing fans from their homes to the sporting arena. Offering hyper-personalized and enhanced live experiences to fans during the entire event has compelled the sports event industry to adopt advanced technologies.

Although technology is eliminating a lot of redundant manual tasks, it is also facilitating growth for exciting ideas such as chatbots.

Chatbots have evolved from simple assistance providing software to sophisticated solutions for enhancing operational management. While relatively new, chatbots have become a critical part of organizing and managing sporting events.

Chatbots powered by AI are considered as useful tools for several sports event organizers to handle queries and interact with fans at a personal level, especially during mass participation.

Generally, event organizers focus on the success of the event through the number of tickets sold and sponsors’ engagement. Here the chatbots come into play as these AI-enabled solutions in sporting events are not only being used for enhancing the audience and sponsor engagement but also used for event promotions.

“These chatbots serve as an active communication channel between the participant’s team and the event organizers.”

From the audience perspective, chatbots also act as a personal assistant for attendees, helping event managers to engage with the audience effectively.

The question looms as large as to why chatbot support required for a sports event.

Hosting a sports event outlines many challenges related to fan experiences as well as technology integrations, which can impact the success rate of the event. Hence a chatbot can be designed to cater to the meet the exact requirements of the event.

Chatbot support is needed throughout the event lifecycle as it empowers event mangers to complete the event without any glitches. Text and voice-enabled chatbots with multichannel presence and real-time interactions reduce any friction during the event.

Before Event: Is this stage, chatbots predominantly used for promoting an event and interacting with more attendees. Chatbots can create a strong personality for an event that connects the audience even before the event has started. Creating an Avtar and defining the voice of a chatbot based on the target audiences, help organizers to involve more attendees.

During Event: Chatbot support during an event is very important as these AI-enabled chatbots help the audience as well as players in discovering required information, resulting in improved gameday experiences.

After Event: Chatbots turn out to be an effective tool for maintaining communication with those who attended the event and gain valuable feedback needed for continuous enhancement of future events.

Chatbots powered with AI can determine the importance of personalized involvement in an interaction. Such chatbots, when utilized for a sports event, can become the appropriate support for participants and audiences. Chatbot, when used as an event support tool collects massive amounts of participant data, which can be used for future planning and strategies.

Sport Chatbots- benefitting players, attendees, and sponsors

Seamless communication:

Marathon participants and other entrants consider chatbots as seamless and effective means of communication to ensure no critical notifications missed. Hence, a 24/7 chatbot can effectively manage the volume of conversations as well as ensure a timely response.

Chatbots, a common platform of communication, has been readily accepted by the participants to gather information on the event.

Integrating chatbots with the existing event management solutions (participant management, event registration & result data systems) enables the chatbot to provide participants results and other event-related information.

The Easy point of contact:

A single and secure point of contact can be useful as well as efficient. Thus, the chatbot would be an ideal solution for reducing the communication time, and easily notifying event information to the participants.

Also, entrants can effortlessly gather information on registration, parking, and other details of the event. This way, the participants can concentrate more on their performance and can access event and venue details in a conversational format.

Such personalized, automated, and eased communication systems can enhance the efficiency of pre- and post-event conversational exchange.

Quick accessibility to reliable information:

The event day can be stressful for the sportsperson, especially when secure and safe access to information becomes paramount.

The advantage of leveraging an AI-powered chatbot renders the latest information consistently to all participants, compared to manual dissemination of information. Along with reliability, it also reduces the cost of handling the last-minute queries

Multi-language chat assistance:

Perpetual availability with relevant information in a different language can be beneficial for both the organizers and the participants. Such multilingual customer support can be instrumental in organizing a global sports event.

Also, due to chatbot’s scalability feature, it can handle multiple inquiries at the same time. It is thus empowering the event staff to handle complex issues that cannot be resolved through traditional customer support.

Event promotion:

Chatbots can empower promotional activities to a great extent. Traditional methods of event marketing, including emails, social media news, or even push notifications, have become less effective.

On the other hand, the concept of chatbot marketing is gaining momentum amongst sponsors as well as organizers. Chatbots working across social networks increase event visibility and drive awareness.

Messenger chatbots are being used for promoting events, where prospective attendees can explore event details and even purchase tickets. To gain sponsorship, chatbot messenger can be handy. Also, chatbots can help to gather participant’s feedback.


Further chatbots can prove to be beneficial in marketing strategy for the sports event in the following ways:

Query analysis

Personalized information

Proactive interaction and push notification

Creating a satisfactory interaction

Maintaining a continuous presence

KLoBot - Transforming League Experience

Chatbot’s personalized, convenient, and conversational service has gained popularity even in the sports industry. Hence KLoBot, a chatbot builder platform with its intuitive conversational user interfaces, acts as a solution for event managers to effectively control the sports league.
With the expanded scope of connecting with the right contact and fetching a better solution, KLoBot is elevating the sports industry.
KLoBot is creating such a customized chatbot that can become a reliable support system for a sports event. These chatbots are enhancing sport participation by eliminating the communications barriers in any sports events.
It can empower the event with intuitive text, and voice-enabled chatbots clubbed with security features. Such an innovative solution can drive digital transformation and, at the same time, resolve the crisis in hand.

“The value proposition from KLoBot lies in the no-code chatbot builder platform that lends itself in creating effective communication strategies across multiple channels, including voice and text, with no programming expertise.”

An intuitively designed drag-and-drop interface with all the relevant sophistications of enterprise-grade chatbots, capable of handling queries, appointments, deadlines, meeting notifications in real-time is aptly suited for engaging participants and event organizers.

KLoBot for Instant Event Communications and Enhanced Participant Communication


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