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Virtual Assistants – Next-gen solution to mitigate administrative challenges

Law firms and lawyers managing business in a digitally tech-savvy environment, need to consciously capitalize on emerging automation technologies to better manage their workflow and client experience. Typically, lawyers spend about 40% of their time in scheduling meetings, searching for relevant documents and managing volumes of case history databases. These challenges become exacerbated when handling multiple clients and varying client matters, leading to reduced focus on core business activities. A high level of administrative support needed for the seamless functioning of law firms as well as solo practitioners has made Virtual Assistants a perfect solution for the legal industry. In addition to increased staffing costs, difficulties in acquiring skilled talent and communication channels have left little room for law firms and lawyers to find a cost-effective way to stay ahead of competition. In such challenging scenarios, integrating virtual assistants is the most valuable proposition to gain operational efficiencies and provide best-in-class customer experience.

Virtual assistants facilitate lawyers to perform routine legal tasks more quickly, accurately, and in a cost-effective way. In the absence of relevant security solutions in place, accessing legal documents as well as file sharing have become increasingly challenging for lawyers especially outside the office network, considering privacy and compliance concerns.

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