Legal chatbots – The Future Course for Partners and Attorneys


The Advent of Legal Chatbots

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots were launched with the premise of extending 24/7 online support through either voice or textual conversation and mimic humans in a real-time discussion. Over time, AI-enabled chatbots steadily shifted towards answering complex questions compared to their simpler counterparts handling FAQ and specific queries. This is how chatbots added a considerable pace to the digital revolution. The chatbot phenomenon has spread across all industry verticals, including the legal sector. In fact, the arrival of the legal chatbots marked the beginning of a worthy journey of continuous and reliable legal support to an extensive clientele. With time, the legal chatbots have been witnessed to undergo refinement and sophistication.


Several established and start-up firms have started using legal chatbots to provide free legal consultation and services as part of initial legal guidance and counselling. The advancements in AI and NLP will further push law firms to adopt sophisticated conversational solutions in an increasingly competitive market. Chatbots are also being adopted by attorneys and partners to automate repetitive and tedious tasks resulting in enhanced workforce productivity. For Instance, KLoBot a DIY chatbot builder platform empowers law firms in upgrading their attorneys, partners, and associates’ client handling experience.

Basics of Legal Chatbot

Currently, a majority of law firms are using legal chatbots to ask a series of questions and simultaneously answer client queries followed by a pursuit, if the client prefers a call back from a law practitioner. The conversation is followed by a page to fill the details such as name, contact number, date, and time preferred to be contacted.

Legal chatbots: From communicating to collaborating

The concept of legal chatbot brought uncharted potential into consideration and led to the

Scheduling client-attorney meetings:

Scheduling a client-attorney meeting is part of the regular and mandatory activity of a law firm. The legal chatbot can analyse the client’s requirement and align the attorney with the relevant expertise to offer further assistance. This eases the initial process of screening and provides the legal counsellor with an overview of the client requirement. This can be beneficial since it’ll increase preparation time for the attorney to give better guidance.

The first phase of free legal advice:

At times, people need basic levels of information before involving a full-time lawyer; for such instances, the legal chatbot is very useful as it can cater to the initial queries with in-depth domain knowledge and ease of use. This also results in the creation of a database of potential clients for the legal firm.

Advice to anonymous users:

At the initial level of legal counselling, many clients prefer to remain anonymous so that the issue at hand can be discussed at length with honesty and without emotional awkwardness. Initiating a query without disclosing the identity is a better alternative to accomplishing the same through calling or emailing.

Client database:

Legal chatbots act as a foundation to collect data on potential clients and their area of interest. Also, an analysis of the chat history can help attorneys and partners to improve legal guidance and content. Such chatbots are rapidly transforming the way legal firms operate.

24/7 assistance:

Legal chatbots have extended advice 24/7, enhancing the scope beyond office hours for clients as well as attorneys. In return, it also created a situation of reliability and dependency of the client on the legal firm. This has resulted in the legal chatbot becoming an essential part of a law firm.

Live agent handoff:

AI-powered chatbots based on their proficiency, identify and analyze the complex issues which need live human agent support. The transition of conversation from chatbot to actual legal counsellor ensures maximum user experience and build user trust.

Legal firm’s Growing Dependency on Chatbot

Chatbots are also being used to spread awareness of legal rights among victims, which is considered as an extended arm of lawyers. The ideal solution should help both the victim as well as the lawyer to document all the necessary information before starting to work on the case. This helps the lawyers to access the legal perspective of the individual’s situation. Another instance where an individual receives legal notice, it will be challenging to understand and interpret the advice as well as the gravity of the situation without comprehending the legal terms used in the notice. This is where the legal chatbot plays an essential role in explaining legal terminologies to potential clients.

Integrating chatbots and knowledge management have raised the level of self-help support and service delivery in law firms. These chatbots organize information in a better way and provide accurate and in-depth responses to the users. Factual questions with pre-written responses help to resolve the issue of appointing the correct lawyer for a case type. Again, chatbots that use natural language processing to handle queries relative to predictive outcome is increasingly becoming popular among both the legal firms and the clients.

KLoBot- Providing Instant Support to a Partner or Attorney

Despite the increased risk of privacy and data security, chatbots have become a mandatory aspect of technological advancement within the legal firms. With adaptive and predictive features, chatbots built on KLoBot platform can now identify patterns and repeat actions. Hence, it is convenient for law firms to deploy such chatbot that can offer instant & real-time support. Moreover, these bots built with KLoBot can be used by an individual as a personal assistant for automating routine tasks, scheduling meetings, setting up reminders and much more. Since the legal chatbots act as personal assistants, it helps the client get accurate information and clarity on legal matters ensuring privacy and reliability.


KLoBot is enabling legal firms and attorneys to build domain-specific chatbots within minutes using drag and drop interface. These AI-enabled chatbots can be deployed across channels including Facebook, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and many other channels which have the capability to learn from the existing database as well as from live messaging. KLoBot with their dedicated research teams is focusing towards building innovative solutions for the legal sector making chatbots a must-have solution for attorneys and law firms. Enabled with robust security controls KLoBot AI chatbots ensures the security of sensitive and confidential files allowing partners and attorneys to share documents easily across various channels.

Support Questions- A Legal Chatbot built on KLoBot would answer

Attorneys and partners are leveraging KLoBot’s legal chatbot to get instant answers from law firms, resulting in the optimized work process and increased productivity. A legal chatbot built on KLoBot offers several opportunities to law firms in terms of document search, people search, lead generation, and lot more, resulting in enhanced business growth. These chatbots have the abilities to answer several basic as well as complex questions which includes:

How can I publish content on Intranet?

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How can I browse Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses?

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What are the other trainings available?

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Where can I get clients historical data?

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What is the correct format of billing code?

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