Legal chatbots – The Future Course for Partners and Attorneys

The Advent of Legal Chatbots

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots were launched with the premise of extending 24/7 online support through either voice or textual conversation and mimic humans in a real-time discussion. Over time, AI-enabled chatbots steadily shifted towards answering complex questions compared to their simpler counterparts handling FAQ and specific queries. This is how chatbots added a considerable pace to the digital revolution. The chatbot phenomenon has spread across all industry verticals, including the legal sector. In fact, the arrival of the legal chatbots marked the beginning of a worthy journey of continuous and reliable legal support to an extensive clientele. With time, the legal chatbots have been witnessed to undergo refinement and sophistication.
Several established and start-up firms have started using legal chatbots to provide free legal consultation and services as part of initial legal guidance and counselling. The advancements in AI and NLP will further push law firms to adopt sophisticated conversational solutions in an increasingly competitive market. Chatbots are also being adopted by attorneys and partners to automate repetitive and tedious tasks resulting in enhanced workforce productivity. For Instance, KLoBot a DIY chatbot builder platform empowers law firms in upgrading their attorneys, partners, and associates’ client handling experience.

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