How Legal chatbots assist legal professionals in their daily firm chores, activities, and support queries while working remotely


Law Firm’s increasing adoption and reliance on technology

The COVID-19 crisis has a profound impact across the legal sector, especially on the traditional law firms, mostly relying on the office model. The current pandemic situation has shown the importance of legal technology to the conventional as well as modern legal firms and the need for these solutions for business continuity in this scenario. The year 2020 has seen a considerable shift in the legal industry in terms of technology adoption and ongoing transformation, which is now amplified due to the global pandemic situation. The current focus towards technology is driving change in the industry and is ensuring that the legal firms survive through this change.


The benefits of technology for small, midsized as well as larger law firms can vary substantially, but few of the obvious benefits include:

Law Firm’s leveraging automation to operate in the remote scenario

Quick adaptation to change is key to success!

The COVID-19 crisis has put a strain on legal professionals in terms of performance, productivity, and value-driven client delivery while working remotely. Additionally, pressures related to enhancing the ROI and retaining the talent are driving the legal organizations to boost their automation capabilities. Technologies like AI and ML play an integral role in automating legal business, handling specific tasks, and reducing legal spending. A study estimated that around 23% of an attorney’s job could be automated with technology, including chatbots.1

Automation provides opportunities for legal firms and in-house legal departments to efficiently handle a massive volume of data sets, reduce costs, and attract new clients. Automation in the legal sector prepares law firms to drive high performance and thrive in the altering legal landscape. Hence the legal organizations are leveraging automation to adapt to a demanding legal market.

Critical resources for law firms running remotely

During the COVID-19 crisis for running and managing the remote staff, a law firm requires a broad range of tools. From task management to client management, from scheduling to invoicing and billing systems, a law firm must have few of the key tools to run remotely. A host of technologies, including chatbots, virtual assistants, legal bots, cloud, and document automation, are enabling legal firms to automate the routine tasks and enhance their attorney’s productivity.


Essential tools to operate a remote legal staff

Several companies have already invested in legal technology, and as a next step, they have started hiring candidates with needed technical skills because a dedicated technology talent is a crucial resource for remote working law firms. By 2023 around 33% of the company legal departments are expected to have a committed legal technology expert to support the automation of in-house workflows.2

Legal Chatbots- Saving attorney’s time

Incorporating chatbots within businesses eliminates the manual processes and aid lawyers and attorneys to work more promptly and efficiently during this work from the home state. Monotonous administrative tasks including, document creation, setting up meetings, gathering client information, and other basic activities, are now being performed by chatbots. These chatbots can directly interact with the clients to update them on case status or any additional information, which saves the legal staff’s time and allow them to focus on other crucial issues that entail their expertise.

Integrating chatbots with the internal systems allows lawyers and paralegals to quickly retrieve the case related information, which further enables them to handle a more significant number of clients and maintain their billable hours. The legal industry is amongst those industries that are investing heavily in chatbots and are being benefitted from chatbots. Chatbots is a solution that can surely bring value to law firms by assisting legal professionals in their daily firm chores as well as support queries while working remotely.

In addition, a legal chatbot can also enhance accessibility and provide strategic value to the law firms in this time of crisis. Chatbots will further continue to disrupt the legal industry by abetting law firms as well as paralegals to become 24/7 available for clients.

KLoBot- Deriving maximum value for law firms

KLoBot is a chatbot builder platform that simplifies human-machine interactions via intuitive conversational user interfaces. Chatbots designed with KLoBot can be created within minutes and can facilitate internal as well as external law firm communications. These chatbots empower attorneys to automate the tedious and time-consuming tasks and streamline the business processes. Chatbots built on the KLoBot platform facilitate law firms to better showcase their value proposition and meet the internal as well as external pressures during the current COVID-19 crisis.

KLoBot enables law firms to meet current client demands and competitive challenges. KLoBot also presents an opportunity for legal firms to save time on tedious activities, diversify revenue, and stay ahead of the competition. To know more about the usefulness of chatbots in the legal ecosystem, get in touch with us.

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