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No-Code Platforms – Future of chatbot development

Increasing focus on digital transformation has been driving the popularity of conversational AI and text & voice-based chatbots. Many enterprises are leveraging these solutions for automating as well as humanizing conversations and enriching customer interactions. As chatbots are becoming the quintessential tool to deliver premium customer support as well as automating operational routines, organizations are looking for solutions that augment existing capabilities in these areas. AI-powered bots that can understand, learn, and even recommend based on customer behavior are gaining top-mindshare among executives. There is a huge demand in the market for solutions that can deploy AI-powered bots within minutes to enhance lead generation and support branding activities. The value proposition of these solutions is the convenience to convert contact centres into business generation centres within no time.

In a competitively fierce market, businesses have started turning toward enterprise-grade applications with capabilities to offer ultra-personalized customer experiences to improve brand value and differentiation. The market is witnessing a heightened sense of urgency, especially with customer interactions, as these are increasingly correlated with several business metrics and are pressurizing software development teams to deliver applications faster than ever before. In addition, there are significant gaps between developers and business requirements, which are impeding the rising demand for customer-facing applications among enterprises. Quite often, chatbot developers don’t indulge in understanding the nuances of the deployment environment, domain knowledge, and the perceived value of the bots leading to unsatisfactory results.

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