Emergence of Voicebots – The Future of Chatbots


Customers today, are more demanding and have high expectations than ever before, due to the rise of social media and technological advancements. The expectation of high-level support and exceptional customer service across all channels must be met by an organization to gain competitive edge and enhance productivity. Text and voice-based chatbots are gaining popularity across verticals for better customer engagement to understand and solve their queries.

Conversational Platforms – Changing ecosystem

Earlier, Chatbots were simple digital tools created for handling FAQ by recognizing specific keywords in queries. IVR systems were used to enhance customer services and eliminate repetitive tasks. Technological advancements have made chatbots more interactive, which allows customers to communicate in natural language and quickly resolve their queries. Chatbots, now, are more conversational and act as a digital assistant which recognize text as well as voice commands. Digital virtual assistant is one of the most frequent applications of AI bots, utilized to execute basic tasks.

With the rising trend of cloud services, the demand for cloud communication platforms is also increasing. Twilio provides a cloud-based communication platform that can be programmed by software developers to make/receive phone calls, send/receive text messages, and complete other communication functions with its web service APIs. Twilio is one such company which is leveraging the power of automation and cloud, to route service and provider outages before impacting customers.

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