KLoBot has the ability to create a knowledge base that will train the chat bot to respond using a customized question and answer document or FAQ link. This feature has been implemented in the Knowledge Builder page.

Common Terminologies

Knowledge Base (KB) – A list of questions with answers that has been customized by a user through a document file or through a link/URL to a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

Contains the basic functionality of managing Knowledge bases added in the Knowledge Builder

Add Knowledge Base

Allows the user to add a new KB to KLoBot.

  1. Knowledge Base Name – Contains the name of the KB to be created.
  2. URL – Contains the URL endpoint of a FAQ webpage.
    NOTE: In order for the feature to work, the user must provide a web address to a website’s FAQ in the following format.
  3. Files – Allows the user to upload a document containing the FAQ.
    NOTE: In order for the feature to work, the user must upload a QnA document in the following format.
  4. Add Document – Adds the document to the field. User has to click this button to successfully add the uploaded document to the KB.
  5. Enable Multi-turn Extraction – Allows the user to enable the multi-turn feature.

Knowledge Bases

An allocation of KBs previously created. Users can manage a KB by clicking the KB.

Knowledge Base Details

Contains all the information of the KB created.

  1. KB Name – Contains the name of the KB. Users can edit the KB name in this section.
  2. Created On – Shows the date and time the KB was created.
  3. Modified On – Shows the date and time the KB was last modified.
  4. Edit Source – Redirects the user to the edit knowledge base page.
  5. Republish – Republishes the changes made within the KB.

Knowledge Base Usage

Contains information to where the KB is being used by a skill and a chat bot.

  1. Skill name – Contains the skill name that is using the KB. It is a hyperlink that redirects the user to the skill builder.
  2. Scope – Contains the scope of the skill that is using the KB.
  3. Bots – Contains a list of the chat bots that are using the KB skill.

Contains all the Question and Answers from the KB. Users can add, edit and delete a question. They can also insert a hyperlink in the answer.

Users can also assign a follow-up Prompt to an Answer in this section.

  1. Add Question – Allows user to add a new Question and Answer
  2. Question – Text area containing the question.
  3. Answer – Text area containing the answer.
  4. Save – Saves the changes made within the QnA.
  5. Insert Link – Opens a modal to insert a hyperlink to the answer.
    • The hyperlinks vary depending on the type of data.
      1. Web Address – A regular URL web address. The user must enter a valid web address in the Address section.
      2. Email Address – Contains an email address to link to the user. The user must enter a valid email address.
      3. Phone Number – Contains a valid 9-digit phone number.
    • Display Text – The hyperlink text that will be shown to the user.
  6. Delete – Removes the QnA.
  7. Pagination – Redirects the user to the next set of QnA.
  8. Questions Column – Contains all the questions from the KB.
  9. Answers Column – Contains all the answers from the KB.
  10. Prompts – Allows the user to assign a follow-up prompt to the contained in the Answer.
    1. Question – Contains a list of follow-up questions from the KB. This will show as an option for the user to click.
    2. Answer – Contains the answer from the question selected from the prompt question.
    3. Save – Saves the follow-up question to the answer field.
    4. Cancel – Discards all the changes made within the follow-up question modal.
  11. Edit – Allows the user to edit the QnA selected.
  12. Cancel Changes – Discards all the changes made in the QnA.
  13. Insert Hyperlink – Allows users to insert a hyperlink. The user must highlight a word in the Answer field to insert a hyperlink.
  14. Save – Saves changes made in the QnA.
  15. Remove – Deletes the QnA.
  16. Sub- Navbar – A navbar that allows users to add, update changes made and discard changes. This navbar is shown when there are changes in the KB.
    1. Add Question – Adds a new QnA field.
    2. Update Changes – Saves and updates the changes made within the KB.
    3. Cancel – Discards all changes made in the KB.

How to create a KB?

  1. Go to the Knowledge Builder page and click Add Knowledge Base.
  2. Enter the Knowledge Base Name.
  3. . If you’re using a QnA from a website, provide the web address to the URL input field.
    Click the + button. You can add up to 10 URLs.
  4. . If you’re using a QnA via a word document, click Choose Files and select the file with the QnA document. You can add up to 10 PDF or Word documents.
    Once added, click the Upload button.
  5. To enable the multi-turn extraction, check the checkbox. This is optional.
  6. Click Save. You will receive some basic information regarding the KB. Click Publish.
  7. After creating the KB, you can edit the source, manage the questions and answers.

How to create a skill using a KB?

  1. Go to skill builder page then click Add a New Skill. Enter the skill name and Select Blank template. Click Create.
  2. In the skill properties section, set the Skill Category to FAQ.
  3. Select the KB in the KB list. Click Save.
  4. Navigate to the Navigation Bar and click Save as a Draft. Then click Publish.
  5. To test the skill, navigate to your chat bot and drag and drop the skill you just created.