User Guide: User Management

The user management page allows the user who has admin privileges to manage the accounts in the KLoBot application. The admin can create, edit, delete and disable any account in the application.

This section will discuss all the admin privileges, clients, plans, global settings and the actions features.

Users Main Page
  • Shows a complete list of users and their account information such user name, company name, contact details, plan, Auth Code, Role and Actions for the admin.
  • Search input to search for a user.
Clients Page
  • Shows a complete list of clients and organizations that use the KLoBot app.
Plans Page
  • Shows the account inclusions and features for each plan.
Global Settings

Shows the configuration keys for KLoBot set-up. It is divided into 7 categories namely Core Settings, Channel Settings, NetDocuments Settings, Knowledge Builder Settings, Twilio Settings, Graph API Settings and Login Settings.

  • Core Settings is for configuring the essentials for KLoBot application. There are two essential sub-settings, Luis Settings and Send Grid Settings.
  • LUIS Settings contains the App ID, subscription key, host version and app version to connect the chat bot from the LUIS application.
  • Send Grid Settings contains API Key and the Support Email to contact the User via email.
  • Channel Settings is for configuring KLoBot application to different channels where the app can be deployed.
  • NetDocuments Settings contains the Client ID, Client Secret, Auth URL, and Base URL to connect the chat bot to the NetDocuments API.
  • Knowledge Builder Settings contains the Subscription Key, Subscription URL, Subscription Host, and Subscription Service to connect the chat bot to the Knowledge Builder.
  • Twilio Settings contains the Phone Number, Sid, Auth Token, and Validation Url to connect the chat bot to Twilio SMS/Voice.
  • Graph API Settings contains the Tenant ID, Client ID, and Client Secret to connect the chat bot to Personal Assistant Skill
  • Login Settings contains the Tenant ID, Client ID, and Client Secret to connect the chat bot to Personal Assistant Skill.

    NOTE: To update the settings, enter required keys and click Save Changes.

  • Graph API Settings contains the configuration for managing user authentication.
  • To create a user, the user must have an admin account. Go to the User Management page and click Create User.
  • User will be redirected to the Create New User page. Enter all the required values.
    NOTE: Ensure to enter all required information when creating an account.
  • Select the role for the user. The role has three categories namely Admin, Bot Builder and Trainer.

An admin has access to all the accounts in KLoBot. They have access to the user management page and controls all the accounts privileges. Here are the Admin Privileges:

  • Admin can edit, delete and enable/disable a user through these buttons.
  • To enable a disabled account, click the red locked icon and the user will receive an activation email.
  • Admin has access to all the Chat Bots made by users.
  • Admin has access to all the skills built by different users. They have access to edit, train and update a skill.
Bot Builder

A user with a Bot Builder account does not have access to the user management page, access to other user’s chat bots and they cannot edit or update a skill they didn’t create.


A user with a Trainer account has access to an assigned chat bot. Users can assign a Trainer to grant access to their chat bot through the Access Users section located on the upper left side of the Bot page.

How to train a skill as a Trainer
    1. Log-in to your account and add a new Bot under your name.
    2. Assign a trainer by searching for the account name in the input box.

      NOTE: Searching for the user to assign as a Trainer, the user must be a Trainer account otherwise you won’t see any of the accounts.

    3. The trainer can now train the skills the user has created when the trainer logs-in their KLoBot account.

      NOTE: The trainer only has access to train the skill the specific user has trained via the Skill Builder. The trainer does not have access to any other skill except for what the user has created.

  • Select the plan for the user. There are two standard plans for KLoBot namely Enterprise and Standard.
    Enterprise Plan Inclusions
    ID/KEY 1002
    Maximum number of Bots Unlimited
    Cost per message 20c per message
    Maximum number of messages 10,000 messages per month
    Standard Plan Inclusions
    ID/KEY 1001
    Maximum number of Bots 10
    Cost per message 10c per message
    Maximum number of messages 10,000 messages per month
  • User can enable the Two Factor Authentication for improved account security.
    NOTE: For accounts that enabled this feature, user must download an extension in the browser called Microsoft Authenticator which can be downloaded in the Chrome Web Store.
  • Ensure that all the required fields are entered then click save changes. The user will receive an email depending on if they enabled the Two Factor Authentication.
    Without Two Factor Authentication
    With Two Factor Authentication
    NOTE: There are instructions to configure the Auth Code provided in the email.
  • Click the link provided in the email to set-up the password. Enter the new password and click Save. You have successfully created an account.