User Guide: Knowledge Builder

KLoBot has the ability to create a knowledge base that will train the chat bot to respond using a customized question and answer document or FAQ link. This feature has been implemented in the Knowledge Builder page.

What is a Knowledge Base?

A knowledge base is simply a list of questions with answers that has been customized by a user through a document file or through a link/URL to a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

Inside the knowledge base contains a list of all the questions and answers extracted from the document uploaded or the FAQ page. The user can add, edit, delete and update the knowledge base.

Home Page
  • List of knowledge bases created. The user can change the knowledge base details with every click.
  • Knowledge base details shows all the information about the knowledge base such as the assigned skill name, the scope, the chat bots that are using this knowledge base, knowledge base name, date of publishing and the knowledge base ID.
  • There are three buttons below the knowledge base details namely Manage Questions, Republish and Edit Sources.
    1. Manage Questions redirects user to the list of questions and answers.
    2. Republish publishes the knowledge base if there were changes or updates made in the knowledge base.
    3. Edit Sources redirects the user to the Edit Knowledge Base section to make updates and changes to the knowledge base.
How it works
  • In the home page, click Add New Knowledge Base. The user will be redirected to the Add New Knowledge Base form.
  • Enter the required fields. In the URL section, the user must enter a valid knowledge base URL (for ex: that contains the FAQ page then click the + button.

    User can add up to 10 links. To remove the knowledge base URL, click the trash icon.

  • If the user opts to upload a customized question and answer file, go to the files section and click the browse.

    Example of a customized question and answer document

  • After uploading a document, click the upload button on the right side of the input box. Ensure to click the upload button otherwise the document won’t be uploaded.
  • The user can enable the Chit-chat feature that allows the chat bot to respond to queries in a more personal or interactive way. The chat bot has 5 personalities namely professional, friendly, witty, caring and enthusiastic. Select the personality from the dropdown menu.
  • At the end of the form is a check box to enable Multi-Turn extraction which enables the chat bot to add multiple questions within a bot response. This checkbox is only applicable to enable the multi-turn extraction to the document uploaded but not the whole Knowledge base.

    Multi-turn conversations will be discussed later at the end

  • After all the information has been entered, click save changes. The user will be redirected to the publish page then click publish. You have successfully created a knowledge base.
Edit knowledge base name
  • Go to the Knowledge Builder page and select a knowledge base to edit. To edit the name of the knowledge base, click the edit button beside the knowledge base name and replace it with a new name.
  • Click republish
Edit sources
  • Go to the Knowledge Builder page and select a knowledge base to edit. Click Edit Sources.
  • User will be redirected to the Edit Knowledge Base page. Replace or add new knowledge base URL or upload a new file. Click save changes.
  • Click republish

Manage Questions

  • Add Question Button opens a new question and answer entry.
  • Add question button, mark-up button that creates a mark-up link when user highlights a word and inserts a link, and a delete button.
  • Multi-turn conversation that allows users to insert a follow-up question from the list to a bot response.
  • Multi-turn conversation window that shows all the questions and answers to be added to the bot response as options.
  • Edit button to update a question and answer.
  • Cancel button to discard all changes made from updating an entry.
  • Markdown button that will be enabled when user highlights a text so a link could be inserted.
  • Markdown insert link window that allows users to insert a link or email address to a highlighted text.
  • Save button to save all changes made.
  • Delete button to remove and delete a question.

Add, Edit & Delete Questions

Add a question
  • Go to the Manage Question page and click Add Question. This will open two fields to enter the question and answer.
  • Enter a question and answer and click the + button.
  • Click update changes to save the newly added entry
Edit a question
  • Go to the Manage Question page and select an entry to edit. Click Edit to update a entry.
  • To discard all changes made, click the discard button.
  • To insert a markdown link, highlight a word in the answer section. This will enable the markdown button. Click the markdown button.
  • Copy a valid web address or email address and paste it to the Address input box. Click insert.
  • The highlighted word would now be linked to a web address like so
  • To save changes, click the save button.
  • The Markdown can be seen after saving the changes. To test, click the markdown link.
  • Click update changes to save all new updates and the user will receive a message.
Delete a question
  • Go to the Manage Question page and select a entry from the list. Click the delete icon and confirm deletion.
  • Click update changes.

Enable Multi-Turn Conversation

What is Multi-Turn Conversation?

Multi-turn conversation is a feature implemented in KLoBot that allows users to insert follow-up questions from a knowledge in a form of a list of options within a chat bot response.

An example of a multi-turn conversation chat bot response is shown below. The user can click any of those follow-up questions and a chat bot would respond accordingly.

How to enable Multi-Turn?
  • Go to the Manage question page from a selected knowledge base. Select an answer and click prompts button.
  • Click the add new prompt button.
  • This will open a new Follow Up question window. Select from the list and click save.
  • The user can check that the question has been added to the prompts section
  • Click update changes.
  • To test, go to the bot page and make sure that the FAQ skill is entered in the chat bot. Enter the question that has the multi-turn conversation enabled.