User Guide: Bot Analytics

KLoBot keeps track of all the messages and user interaction in the chat called Bot Analytics. In this page, the user has a complete record of all the messages made from all the chat bots created from the account. It also keeps track of the conversations made between the user and the chat bot deployed to different channels in Microsoft Teams App, SharePoint site, Facebook Messenger etc.

The Bot Analytics page also has key features that will allow users to track the status of their messages within the chat bot if the messages are a success, failed, liked or disliked.

This document will discuss these features in full detail.

How it works
  • Log-in to your Bot-Builder account and in the navigation bar, go to the Bot Analytics page.
  • More information about the account can be seen such as the total number of bots and the total number of users interacting with the chat bot saved under the user’s account.
  • User can download a spreadsheet record for each chat bots. Click the Excel icon to download spreadsheet. Inside this spreadsheet contains the overall total number of messages and their status
  • Search Refiners feature allows the user to filter the chat bots of their choice. The user can filter by chat bot name, channel and message filter.
  • To apply a filter, select from the dropdown input boxes and click apply. To remove filter, click reset.
  • User can see all the information about a chat bot. In this example, the chat bot All Skills Bot status is Active and shows the overall user count interacting with this chat bot and overall message count made in this chat bot.
  • Channels section is also shown in the search result. This means that the All Skills Bot is deployed to the following applications.
  • The overall messages count is broken down to different message status namely success, failed, liked or disliked.

    Successful messages are messages that have no underlying error. It is when the chat bot responds correctly to the user’s message.


    Failed messages are messages that the chat bot failed to understand and threw a default error message.


    Liked messages are messages that the user clicked like or thumbs-up in the chat.


    Disliked messages are messages that user clicked dislike or thumb-down.

The Chat Bot detail page shows a more detailed record of all the messages made within a specific bot selected.

How it works
  • Click the chat bot name or this arrow button to go to the detail page.
  • User will be redirected to the chat bot detail page showing an overview of all the messages made in the chat bot.
  • Here are the overall messages count variables.
    Overall count of users that messaged the bot
    Overall Message Count made in the bot
    Overall Success & Failed messages count
    Overall Conversation Count
    Overall Conversation Count
    Overall messages count for All Skills Bot deployed to different channels

  • The user can also view a detailed report for different channels.
    Overall Message Count for Directline channel
    1. Channel: Directline
    2. Number of users: 14
    3. Overall Success Message: 99
    4. Overall Failed Message: 26

    Overall Message Count and User Count
    Overall Message Report for a selected channel
    Names of users that interacted with the chat bot
  • The user can also filter the report by searching for the name of the person. It also shows the person’s overall message count.

  • The messages are divided into 5 categories namely all, success, failed, liked and disliked messages.
  • This is the report for user Ryan’s overall messages.
  • The user can see the messages made for a certain time and date by clicking on a conversation bubble.
  • When a user interacts with a bot and fails to respond correctly, this will be reported in the Failed Messages section. The message Hi failed and the bot didn’t respond correctly.
  • Below the initial message are the skill suggestions. When any of these skill suggestions are clicked, it will redirect the user to the skill page to retrain the bot to recognize user queries to get correct bot response.
    These skill suggestions are the most accurate predictions made by the bot based on the user’s message which is Hi in this case.
  • The same feature applies for Disliked Messages. The initial message that was disliked shows a list of skill suggestion that the user can click to retrain in the skill builder page.

    NOTE: The Liked and Disliked message filter only applies to the Directline channel since all the other channels do not have a feature in their app.

The chat bot allows you to retrieve the history of your current conversation via email or pdf download.

How it works
  • Open a chat bot and click on the Settings Icon in the chat header to view the chat bot settings.
  • Enable Notifications

    Click on the box to enable notifications for incoming messages

  • Email Transcript

    Enter an email to where you want to receive the transcript. Click Send Email to send transcript to the requested address

  • Download Transcript

    Click Download Transcript to request a pdf file of the conversation.


In the chat window, users can send KLoBot admin feedback with regards to their experience using the application. This is only applicable when the user starts the conversation in the chat.

How it works
  • Start a conversation in the chat box. On the lower left side, click the start icon.
  • Click any of the icons shown in the window. This would send a message to the bot. A default response message would show from the Bot.
  • Behind the scenes, this would send an email to the admin account containing all the necessary information and the past conversation. The email would look like this:
Overall Experience Counter

In the Bot Analytics page, we can also track the overall experience of the user via a counter that looks like this.

To navigate the overall experience counter, go to Bot Analytics.
Select a Bot and check the overall experience counter.

Click any of the overall experience and it would show a record of the message when the user set the overall experience.