Chatbots Enhancing Legal Matter Intake and Client Responsiveness

Matter intake process in legal firms

Legal matter intake in a law firm refers to the process of initial client interaction, ensuring strong client relationships as well as help to make well-informed business decisions. It evaluates the merits of new business (matter) as well as new clients to propose further plans.

The legal intake process establishes the first impression of lawyers on clients aiming to convert a lead into a paying client. Successful legal firms, as well as sole practitioners, are already following the legal intake process to organize their marketing efforts and provide enhanced service to the clients reaching them.

New client matter intake is considered the most cumbersome activity for attorneys, which shifts their focus from other challenging legal issues.

Law firms have dedicated professionals for handling client intake process dealing with several forms, and offering timely responses to clients across communication channels. These professionals require extensive training for understanding the legal terminologies and initiating leading questions to know about client requirements.

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