Chatbots Enhancing Legal Matter Intake and Client Responsiveness


Matter intake process in legal firms

Legal matter intake in a law firm refers to the process of initial client interaction, ensuring strong client relationships as well as help to make well-informed business decisions. It evaluates the merits of new business (matter) as well as new clients to propose further plans.

The legal intake process establishes the first impression of lawyers on clients aiming to convert a lead into a paying client. Successful legal firms, as well as sole practitioners, are already following the legal intake process to organize their marketing efforts and provide enhanced service to the clients reaching them.

New client matter intake is considered the most cumbersome activity for attorneys, which shifts their focus from other challenging legal issues.

Law firms have dedicated professionals for handling client intake process dealing with several forms, and offering timely responses to clients across communication channels. These professionals require extensive training for understanding the legal terminologies and initiating leading questions to know about client requirements.

Can the current legal systems meet changing client demands?

Professionals handling client intake processes are overloaded with client inquiries and expected to be instantaneously responsive across communication channels. With the current legal process and systems in place, immediately responding to clients becomes difficult, leading to loss of business as well as potential clients. Other than new clients, getting new business from the existing clients is a value-added proposition but is often overlooked by employees.

Legal software and services used by paralegals or law firms need an overhaul to implement a well-defined matter intake process and eliminate the need for time-consuming online intake forms. The growing competition among law firms is driving the adoption of automated client intake process to speed up the response time, reduce human errors, and optimize attorney time.

Chatbots for Legal Client Matter Intake


A prospect visiting a legal website or an application ideally looks for a solution to solve their legal problems. Chatbots integrated with a website or an enterprise application serve clients in a quick and user-friendly way, allowing law firms to qualify prospects. Legal chatbots have automated the process of intake as well as routine client queries, offering clients an efficient way to get answers instantly.

These chatbots support law firms in eliminating inherent human errors, ensuring the quality of information, and maintaining price consistency. Chatbots for legal matter intakes offers enhanced visibility and control across process, resulting in reduced administrative efforts and enhanced lawyers’ productivity.

Chatbots enabling law firms to automate the entire process of converting leads

Prospects trying to understand whether a lawyer is suitable or not will ask several questions, which needs answering instantly. Chatbots eliminate unnecessary delays in the client intake process and help law firms in effectively managing potential clients.

Law firms are also using chatbots for handling sensitive subject matters as clients can often be reluctant to talk to attorneys on some problematic legal issues. A chatbot can anonymously provide legal advice to clients as it makes them more comfortable in a particular situation.

Chatbot reduces the effort of filling online intake forms and instead directly communicates with clients to understand their case better and respond immediately with valid answers. Leveraging the power of AI and NLP, these chatbots can recognize user intent and entity, which makes these solutions a perfect tool for aligning with the firm’s business strategy.

Chatbots can market legal business and handle all the follow-ups. For instance, from the available knowledge base, these chatbots can gather relevant email addresses as well as send follow-up emails about the legal issue, the client previously discussed.

KLoBot – Automating the process of matter intake

KLoBot, an enterprise chatbot builder platform, is revolutionizing the legal industry with its newly launched KLoBot 2.1.

KLoBot comes with prebuilt connectors for SharePoint, Twilio, NetDocuments, Intapp, Elite, iManage, Nintex, and others, which allows chatbots to interact with clients in place of lawyers.

KLoBot-based legal chatbots are eliminating repetitive tasks that can help smoothen law firm functionalities and ensure better engagement with clients. Chatbots designed with KLoBot are advancing the future of leads conversions allowing law firms to instantly and interactively respond to prospective customers via text or voice.
KLoBot-based legal chatbots are automating intensive manual tasks of lawyers, helping law firms to meet the changing client demands and mitigate risks associated with the client intake process.

How can chatbots built on the KLoBot Platform respond to prospects?


KLoBot is helping law firms as well as solo practitioners in making legal matter intake efforts more effective by filtering new leads, following up with them, and ultimately converting potential leads to paying clients.

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