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Chatbots and Virtual Assistants – Automating the Internal Operational Tasks


Are organizations focusing on employee productivity?

In this era of digital transformation, employee productivity as well as customer satisfaction are the two key areas of concern for any organization, however, challenges and issues associated with employees continue to remain unnoticed. In meeting their deadlines and targets, organizations often overlook the level of employee engagement which in turn affects customer satisfaction. Forbes Magazine describes employee engagement as “the wonder drug for customer satisfaction”, indicating the level of importance of satisfied employee for developing positive brand reputation and attracting new customers.

Operational challenges faced by employees include

Employees are overloaded with emails, text messages, internal meetings, phone calls etc. which often results in information being lost or ignored.

Lack of communication between employees and HR managers and language barriers had always been a challenge, which results in employee dissatisfaction & frustration. From recruiting, onboarding to HR policy changes, employees strive for support from HR authorities.

Bringing new client accounts and renewing existing ones are important in terms of revenue generation, and employees work under pressure and stress to achieve their targets, which hampers their productivity.

From creating the customer invoice to payment collection, employees need to follow several steps which are time consuming and prone to human errors. In a bid to avoid bad debts, businesses expect their employees to be quicker and more accurate in terms of collecting payments.

With the rapidly growing e-commerce industry, returns and refund issues have increased which in turn have added more burden on the employees to handle the reverse flow of goods.

One of the major challenges faced by employees’ is managing customer queries effectively. Responding to customer queries 24/7 and interacting with several customers repetitively on similar requests or complaints become exhausting for an employee, resulting in increased agent handling time and customer dissatisfaction.

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants- Nurturing Employee Engagement

Virtual assistants are often the initial touchpoint for any customer interaction and acts as a manager transferring customer queries to other task oriented chatbots. These chatbots act as human agents that handle customer queries as well as automating internal operational workload.

In the present scenario, chatbots and virtual assistants exhibit a high level of sophistication, focusing typically on B2C environments

The term chatbot is often linked with support services, however the applications of chatbot transcend customer service and holds huge potential from an internal operations perspective. In this age of immediacy, employees are expected to be more focused and attentive to address complex customer issues, and “Chatbots makes it possible”. Chatbots handle mundane and basic administration tasks, which alleviates the burdens on employees allowing them to address priority and sensitive customer issues. These chatbots and virtual assistant support organization in strengthening their internal operations and enhancing employee as well as business performances.

KLoBot- Working in Reality to Drive Internal Operational Efficiency

KLoBot helps organizations in building Incredibly Intelligent Chatbots and Virtual Assistants within minutes by leveraging a drag and drop interface. KLoBot AI enabled chatbots and virtual assistants are enabled with robust security controls and provides high level of support to employees to ensure the customer centricity.

How KLoBot can Help your Business


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Assisting with day-to-day operations:

Chatbots built on KLoBot platform are helping employees in streamlining their work by scheduling appointments, setting up reminders, handling emails, and text messages which help them in minimizing their workload. For instance: In a legal firm lawyer need to deal with several clients and plenty of documents which makes their job time consuming. KLoBot’s virtual assistant help lawyers in managing their day to day tasks which includes automated meeting coordination, setting reminders, and other basic tasks.

Simplifying HR tasks:

KLoBot offers integration of chatbots with popular collaboration and other messaging platforms to help HR leaders in automating certain processes which includes recruiting activities, regulations & compliance, employee onboarding, and others. These chatbots are enhancing employee communication with organization and boost employee satisfaction. The adoption of chatbots in HR departments has resulted in extensive support to employees in managing tedious HR tasks including leaves, and other financial tasks.

Applications and Renewals:

KLoBot helps organizations in developing chatbots to complete transactions on behalf of employees and makes it easy for them to target the right customers for generating new clients. These chatbots automatically send notifications of renewals with the necessary payment details and electronic documents before they lapse. This reduces the burden of employees from manually informing customers about the pending approval or the status of their accounts.

Payments and Collections:

Payments and collections are considered as crucial part of any organization and KLoBot’s integration of chatbots with enterprise applications help employees to process payments faster and enables organizations to better manage their cash flow. Chatbots developed by KLoBot execute this outbound customer service activity and automates payment process and send reminders along with late payment warnings. Chatbots have eliminated human errors and made payment and collection into a more secure and reliable operation.


Return and refund process, especially in the retail industry has become frustrating for both employees as well as customers creating huge losses for retailers. KLoBot’s enterprise ready intelligent chatbots are automating this process, with their 24/7 availability for handling return & refund issues including condition of product, reason of return, exchange, etc. This saves employee time, which can be repurposed to handle more complex tasks. Chatbots in this area follow the flexible return policies made by an organization to drive customer loyalty and reduce their inventory costs.

Handling customer queries:

Chatbot developed on KLoBot platform as well as KLoBot’s virtual assistants help organizations in handling human-like customer interactions through text as well as voice. Basic and repetitive queries handled by chatbots results in reduced average handling times, and enhanced employee productivity. KLoBot provides right tools to the organizations (chatbot and virtual assistant) which helps them in achieving efficiency while responding to customer queries. In the case of complex issues KLoBot’s live agent handoff capabilities allow organizations to seamlessly transfer call to live human agent for more personalized experience.

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