Build a virtual support employee chatbot to support your firm attorneys


Let someone to run your work errands at odd hours?

Is the cheer and mirth of the work from home transition beginning to fade away because of the lack of support system you once enjoyed at the office? When could you simply ask for a file, a case note, case research, and stay on top of all the matters all day long simply by interacting with your interns, paralegals, staff, or associates?  

Well, it certainly would have been great if you could get an exclusive resource to help with those valuable yet mundane repetitive tasks of passing along the information to clients, generating quick templates, or imagine if someone could address all those common concerns of the clients at odd hours, so you could give your undivided attention to the important legal issues that need your expert inputsAfter all, there are things the sentient beings will always be better at, whether it be advocacy or being business leaders with a legal perspective 

However, artificial beings can certainly take a load of all those tasks off your shoulders that take you less than one second of thought.   

Well, computer scientist, former director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, and now overall lead of Baidu’s AI team, Andrew Ng, says, 

If a typical person can do a mental task with less than one second of thought, we can probably automate it using AI either now or in the near future.

Say hello to your new Virtual Support Humane-Resource—socially distant, virtual, not to mention a smart chatbot!

Just as you can ask your smart speakers to tell you the weather report, give you directions on the road, bring you the latest news—you can ask your Virtual Support Employee Chatbot to be your resource to manage your firm’s Knowledge Repository (KM) Search and QnA (FAQs), Send Reminders on one-off or repetitive tasks, Assist with or actually complete transactions on your behalf, Take Action to collect, modify, and post information in the line of business systems and more. 


How to build this magnificent Virtual Support Employee Chatbot to support your firm attorneys?

Drag. Drop. Build. The hard part here is believing that all this Virtual Support Employee (VSE) requires to be brought into existence is drag+drop function.  

Powered by KLoBot, your Chatbot Virtual Support Employee can be built by using no-code—a Do-It-Yourself AI Chatbot Builder that can simplify internal and external firm communications, automate routine tasks, streamline firm processes and provide information-on-demand to its users by using voice and/or text. 

Tasks only a Chatbot away:

Schedule a meeting with Timothy Mills | Case update A v B | Get your leave details | Deal report for the equity firm XYZ

Entrust your VSE Chatbot with all your time-consuming administrative tasks including, document creation, setting up meetings, gathering client information, and directly interacting with the clients to update them on case status or any additional information, which saves your time and allows you to focus your energies on other crucial issues that require your subject matter expertise.

Integrating chatbots with your internal system will allow your team of lawyers and paralegals to quickly retrieve the case related information, making it easier for them to handle high-volume tasks and clients without having to squander the firm’s billable hours.

Trending use cases:

Chatbots can be integrated into any website to help people in generating legal documents, including wills, agreements, estate planning, and other legal contracts. These chatbots collect and analyze information from several legal websites needed to finalize a document.

Chatbots integration with other prominent communication and collaboration platforms are also helping clients in drafting documents and contracts based on their requirements.

Chatbots are also being used directly on the company website for dealing with the privacy policy, rental, and non-disclosure agreements. These chatbots can generate documents and analyze agreements to help clients in detecting unseen consequences. Chatbots can also provide advice on other housing as well as privacy-related matters.

Why KLoBot?

KLoBot is a chatbot builder platform that simplifies human-machine interactions via intuitive conversational user interfaces. Chatbots designed with KLoBot empower attorneys to automate the tedious and time-consuming tasks, streamline processes and increase the firm’s bottom line through the reduction of expenses on hiring additional support staff to coordinate between all verticals of the firm operating remotely.  

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