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Accelerate your firm’s ‘Digital Transformation’ with Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence is proving to be a huge disruptor. The rising popularity of ChatBots is one of the greatest examples of how technology is changing the way we do business. Various online shopping websites and services have successfully integrated ChatBots into their marketing strategy to improve customer service. Ubisend’s 2017 ChatBot report 35 percent of consumers want to see more companies use Chatbots. While Chatbots do enhance the customer experience, they can also be used to add efficiency to your internal firm operations. Here are some ways in which ChatBots can upgrade the partner, attorney and associate experience by acting as a personal assistant and virtual concierge for Client and Matter related information.  

KLoBot can help your firm extract deeper data intelligence via a simplified web chat interface that can be surfaced right within your SharePoint Intranet portal or any web channel such as public facing website or extranet sites.

The virtual guided assistant will save you the hassle of manually locating the Client and Matter related information. All you need to do is set up a ChatBot in your intranet and program them with access to all your files. Then, you just must ask what is required and all the relevant information will be ready for you.

Attorney’s and law firm employees can also leverage the text and voice capabilities of KLoBot to schedule meetings, set reminders, ask intelligent questions and get immediate answers.

KLoBot will find and connect you to peers based on various criteria like practice, office, school etc.

It can also be set up as a tool on your website for all your existing customers to get immediate knowledge and updates about their case through various touch points – Website, text, email, phone or mobile application

And, there is a lot more to it. Take a step forward to get future ready with KLoBot: 

KLoBot is a DIY AI chatbot that provides a unique drag+drop Bot Builder experience that can help your business communicate with their audience real-time in the most cost-effective manner.  It can be integrated and customized across various platforms within a few hours. The benefits are innumerable. Get in touch with us to request a demo of our product your business. Click here

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KLoBot, Inc, develops artificial intelligence powered conversational user interfaces that can simplify internal and external enterprise communications, automate routine tasks, streamline business processes and provide organizational intelligence-on-demand to its users by using voice and text. KLoBot’s mission is to ensure that narrow artificial intelligence can assist humans in getting access to organizational intelligence on-demand and deliver economically valuable work output that benefits all of humanity. KLoBot will build safe and beneficial chatbots, and artificial intelligence powered innovations that allow users to communicate with systems and smart appliances using voice and text, very similar to how they talk to colleagues.

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